2018 posed a significant challenge for Karolína Prušáková, but the young contestant fought it bravely and with dignity.

As Karolína recently celebrated her 12th birthday, this was the first year she had a chance to compete in the saddle of a horse (as opposed to a pony). A mare called Pem was her four-legged partner throughout the season.

Boasting extensive racing experience, Pem provided Karolína with invaluable support especially at the young contestant’s first sessions. Both were selected to compete – as part of a team comprising two more riders – in the Czech Republic Championship where they represented the Central Bohemian Region.

The team grabbed the fourth position, missing the podium by only a tiny bit.

Additionally, Karolína and Pem continued to gather points for the Channel Star standings throughout the season. Channel Star takes place in the village of Zduchovice in the Příbram district.

Karolína demonstrated robust results in Channel Star throughout the year, frequently managing to get the highest points. These granted her the first position in the standings all through the season.

The finals of this session took place at the second weekend in September, giving the contestants a chance to obtain double the normal points in the course of the whole weekend.

Sadly, Karolína and her mare Pem each accumulated one mistake from the first day.

This meant limited chances to win as Karolína had no additional partner – as opposed to the other competitors who saddled two or even three horses. Still, Karolína managed to grab a beautiful and well-deserved second place.

Karolína also saddled Altamiro C, a pony, throughout the season. She was able to qualify to the three-round Czech Republic Pony Jumper Championship.

Karolína and Altamiro C showed a high degree of confidence in the first two rounds, securing two clear rounds.

In contrast, the third round was technically very demanding and characterized by obstacle heights fully compliant with the Czech Republic Pony Jumper Championship standards.

Despite the pressure and nervosity, Karolína finished the third round with two faults only.

Altamiro C. and Karolína have also collected points for the Channel Star standings. The positions kept changing dramatically, so the goal of each contestant was to get into the finals where the largest number of points could be obtained. Karolína and her pony eventually secured the fourth place.

The young contestant and her pony also compiled additional points and positions in each of the competitions. We all know well how important it is to prepare for the next season in the course of the winter. Regrettably, Karolína broke her forearm in late October (after she had fallen from her horse) and her recovery was still unfinished in December. Having said that, Karolína is a fighter ready to do her best to prepare for the season as soon as she fully recovers.

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