We construct complete photovoltaic power plants.

Photovoltaic power plant construction

We can offer you a complex portfolio of services for photovoltaic power plants:
  • We select the most suitable site to build a power plant on, taking into consideration sun exposure parameters as well as technical parameters relating to connecting the power plant into the electrical grid.
  • We team up with our customers to select the most suitable components for technological parts of their photovoltaic power plant.
  • We put together our production and assembly capacities into a set with maximum efficiency.
  • We help you with financing your photovoltaic power plant.
  • We provide facility management and responsive service as well as warranty maintenance service and post-warranty maintenance service.
  • We inspect power plants to ensure installed components are properly interconnected. If necessary, we suggest changes to optimize the existing system.

Power plant design

Contact us as early as the design stage. We will prepare an expert opinion on your project with an objective to optimize cable routes, material used for conductors and their diameters, photovoltaic array composition, location of invertors and transformer stations. We suggest solutions to optimum PVPP operation and maintenance.

Take a look at some of the photovoltaic power plants we have built and manage

The Vepřek PVPP

One of the largest photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic (and the central, eastern and southern Europe, for that matter) can be found not far from the municipality of Vepřek in the Mělník District. The complex, which boasts an installed power output of 35 MWp, was the ninth largest photovoltaic power plant in the world in September 2010 when it was launched.
Prior to the construction of the Vepřek PVPP, a separate transformer station needed to be built in the Land Registry Area of Spomyšl, one that would supply electrical current to the 110-kW line. The newly-built complex comprising 13 blocks is found on a 204-acre site, an area equivalent to approximately a hundred football pitches. Photovoltaic power plant construction commenced in mid-2010 and the opening ceremony of the Vepřek PVPP took place as early as September 2010. The project was implemented by the company DECCI a.s. that presents their photovoltaic power plants under the common trademark FVE CZECH.

The Vepřek PVPP – timeline

Photogallery: the Vepřek PVPP construction

Photogallery: The Vepřek PVPP opening ceremony

Photogallery: Excursion to the Vepřek PVPP

The Smiřice PVPP

The Smiřice photovoltaic power plant is found in the Královéhradecký Region not far from the municipality of Smiřice between Hradec Králové and Jaroměř. The construction of this solar power plant with a total installed power output of nearly 6.1 MWp was divided into two stages. The first stage consisted in installing solar arrays with a power output of 3.2 MWp on a 20-acre site. During the second stage solar arrays were installed on a 17.8-acre site by the end of 2009 to give a power output of 2.8 MWp.

The Smiřice PVPP I – timeline

The Smiřice PVPP II – timeline

Photogallery: The Smiřice PVPP

The Klatovy PVPP

The Klatovy PVPP I – timeline

The Klatovy PVPP II – timeline

Photogallery: The Klatovy PVPP

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