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DECCI is an energy group that is one of the pioneers of the renewable energy sector in the Czech Republic.
We offer complex services for photovoltaic power plants. We are a company with demonstrable experience constructing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring photovoltaic power plants. We presently service and maintain plants with a total installed power output of 45 MWp.
Delegate maintenance, service and optimization of your power plant to us. Our regular professional maintenance services extend the life and increase the power output of your photovoltaic power plant.

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Constructing and running a photovoltaic power plant is associated with a considerable amount of paperwork. Good news is Decci servis s.r.o. provides all the necessary administrative support for PVPP owners and operators. We do the paperwork!
  • We negotiate and take out photovoltaic power plant insurance, optimize it, report and administer insurance claims. We take necessary measures in case of insured events, negotiate and supervise adjustment of claims and perform a number of other activities related to PVPP insurance. While doing this, we always cooperate with you.
  • We prepare all the necessary documents clients need before they submit an invoice for the electrity produced. We communicate, in cooperation with our clients, with the companies ČEZ Distribuce a.s., E-ON and other about matters related to operation of the power plant. We primarily offer administrative services related to invoicing, preparing monthly reports, etc.
  • We communicate with the distribution network operator, provide monthly reports to the distributor and to the Energy Regulatory Office (Energetický regulační úřad – ERÚ).
  • We provide investors with regular reports.
  • We communicate with all relevant state and local authorities about matters related to PVPPs operation. While doing this, we always cooperate with our clients.
  • We communicate with technology suppliers and construction companies about defects claims. This includes making claims arising out of defects liability. We enter into agreements associated with claims arising out of defects liability as well as perform other related activities.


We offer photovoltaic power plants owners and operators response service and facility management. Our complex portfolio of maintenance, management and monitoring services for your PVPP includes:
  • Connecting your PVPP to the central control station.
  • Constant remote monitoring (24 hours/365 days) of the functionality of the equipment of your PVPP using a remote supervision system.
  • Providing technical services. These include, without limitation, monitoring power plant components such as inverters, switchboards, and transformer stations; monitoring the performance of photovoltaic arrays, and visually inspecting load-bearing array mounting systems.
  • Inspecting all arrays with a thermal imaging camera and evaluating results of such an inspection; providing an optimum array arrangement proposal with an objective to increase their power output. Our technicians are happy to implement such a proposal upon your request.
  • If necessary, making changes in the inverter settings that reflect the maximum power output of the PVPP.
  • Keeping a service diary and carrying out regular preventive maintenance of technologies (low voltage network, high voltage network, arrays, mounting systems…), servicing LV and HV parts.
  • Monitoring degradation of arrays using the PASAN measuring system.
  • Carrying out complex in-person facility inspections of your PVPP (transformer stations, output transmission, power supply to auxiliary plants, etc.) on a quarterly basis (in the presence of LV and HV technicians) and providing related inspection reports.
  • Carrying out periodical detailed on-site inspections of your PVPP twice a month. Such periodical inspections include all the activities that must be performed to evaluate the technical condition of a PVPP.
  • Putting PVPP back into operation in case of a previous disconnection.
  • Ensuring all statutory inspections are performed pursuant to applicable legislation and within applicable deadlines.
  • Providing clients with passwords that make it possible for them to operate a PVPP on an on-line basis.
  • Greenery management and lawn mowing. We are the only company in the Czech Republic that owns snow-sweeping robotic arms. We use GPS signal-driven tractors for larger installations. This technology makes it possible for machinery to get very close to arrays without damaging them.
  • Providing power plant surveillance by engaging a security company as well as connecting the power plant to our central surveillance desk with an objective to minimize the number of false alarms to respond to. The disk is exclusively used to monitor photovoltaic power plants.
  • Additional/supplementary services.


Pasan: Photovoltaic array degradation check We inspect, on a regular basis, photovoltaic power plants to determine the degree of degradation of installed photovoltaic arrays. We carry out flash tests using a Pasan device located at a certified institution. Such a photovoltaic array check requires that a specific pre-arranged number of arrays be dismounted in the same period every year and transported so that measurements can be taken. In the course of testing, such arrays are replaced by substitute arrays so as to prevent loss of power output of the system as a whole. This unique inspection makes it possible for owners, operators and banks to monitor and predict power output and revenues generated by a particular photovoltaic power plant. Should a power output curve decrease under a specific value guaranteed by the manufacturer, power plant owners and operators may avail themselves of such inspection results and make warranty claims.
Thermal imaging camera inspections We inspect PV arrays, stringboxes, cables and switchboards with a thermal imaging camera. Regular inspections of this sort minimize the risks associated with running photovoltaic equipment and apparatuses. A thermal imaging camera enables fast and efficient identification of a problematic array that needs to be attended to. If doubts arise as to whether such an array works properly, the array is inspected in detail and measurements are taken on the power plant premises. If necessary, the array may be dismounted and transported out of the premises so that measurements can be taken by a special Pasan device.
Photovoltaic apparatus thermography Thermography makes it possible for small and large photovoltaic apparatuses to be monitored on a large-scale basis, contactlessly, and economically. It also enables to immediately identify malfunctions and repair them. This guarantees continuous function of all modules and, as a result, maximum economic efficiency. Regular thermal imaging camera inspections reduce the following risks associated with running a photovoltaic apparatus:
  • solar array short circuit,
  • pollution,
  • humidity that gets inside,
  • cracks in an array or module glass,
  • a faulty contact between a conduction band and a solar array,
  • faulty bypass diodes,
  • unconnected modules and idle modules
  • missmatches, i.e. losses of power output caused by a difference in the capacity of particular modules.


In addition to regular service, maintenance and inspections we respond to emergency situations, such as accidents, that require a service call. We provide these services on an as-needed basis within 24 hours of defect detection (365 days a year) and in cooperation with clients.

Our priorities are: maximum promptness to react, defect identification accuracy, and ensuring a photovoltaic power plant resumes operation as quickly as possible.


We provide PVPP owners and operators with complex care!

PVPP cleaning: We ensure the power output of your power plant remains high

We remove snow from photovoltaic systems in winter in such a way that ensures no damage is made to the installation. Throughout the year, if a layer of pollen or dust has formed on a photovoltaic system and such pollution may substantially decrease the output of such a system, we remove such pollution. We use economic calculations to determine whether such an action is necessary.

PVPP maintenance: We take preventive measures, do the maintenance, and carry out inspections for you

Our service organization is ready to maintain your power plant premises. We regularly mulch and cut grass including areas right under arrays. Additionally, we regularly inspect constructions, focusing on stability of screw fittings and prevention of rust. Also, we regularly check the condition of fences, communication routes as well as switching stations and all other constructions on the premises.

Photogallery: Cleaning and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants


You do not need to worry about your power plant

We consider camera surveillance systems and security systems to be standard and integral components of any power plant project. Such systems transmit video from their surveillance cameras directly to our control centre.

False alarm costs elimination

In case of each alarm, our operator consults videos transmitted by cameras to determine whether a security agency must dispatch a response unit to the premises. Efficient elimination of false alarms saves your money. We only use our central surveillance desk to perform surveillance of photovoltaic power plants.


Have your PVPP constantly under your control! We have a permanent control centre to monitor photovoltaic power plants. Our on-line monitoring system is operated by a team of trained professionals. Our dispatchers and technicians have an operating manual at their disposal that provides problem-solving protocols applicable to every problem that may arise in connection with a photovoltaic power plant.

Individualized software tailor-made to suit the needs of your photovoltaic power plant

We monitor each power plant using a software superstructure we have developed. We modify the monitoring software of each monitored power plant to suit the specific needs of such a power plant. This makes it possible for us to constantly check the power output and automatically compare the output gained based on temperature, sun exposure and season of the year. Simultanesouly, we monitor high voltage sections of power plants, checking the condition of transformer stations, their circuit breakers and protections.

We permanently check distribution networks and connection of PVPPs

We eliminate non-production losses. A power plant is only connected to the grid when it is able to actively supply energy into the distribution grid. The energy-producing parts of a power plant are disconnected at night and consume no energy.

Our on-line monitoring centre constantly checks the condition of the distribution network. If a loss of voltage in the distribution grid occurs and a power plant is subsequently disconnected, the distribution network is constantly checked during the day. Once voltage has been detected, the power plant is reconnected and energy supply is resumed within a few minutes.

We promptly react on PVPP operational deviations

A basic feature of a monitoring and control system is the ability to promptly detect operational defects and deviations that may result in partial or complete loss of power output. We install software that cooperates with the monitoring centre with an objective to react on defects and deviations from normal photovoltaic power plant output values within a few minutes.

We promptly repair common defects

Our technicians are notified of defects by SMS, which makes it possible for them to immediately respond to such defects and outages. Once a defect or deviation has been profesionally analyzed, our staff are able to repair a defect on a remote basis.If it is a large-scale defect, a response vehicle is promptly dispatched to the site. Such a vehicle has all the necessary equipment to repair common defects. Our dispatchers in the monitoring centre organize response team trips, deal with outages and organize, in cooperation with technology suppliers, repairs.

If an inverter becomes defective or a deviation of over 10 % from its normal values is detected, such an inverter is inspected and so are individual strings and arrays. If a photovoltaic array is suspected to be damaged, relevant measurements related to its function are taken and the array is checked with a thermal imaging camera. If necessary, such an array may be dispatched to undergo a complete output inspection using the Pasan device.

Data outputs and PVPP operation optimization

Our monitoring centre keeps a detailed database of events, inspections, defects and repairs, communication with distribution network operators (E.ON, ČEZ) and how problems (if any) were solved. We provide you with periodic reports on operation required by the distribution network operators and the Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ). We check electricity production and meter values, carry out inspections of the function of the security system and communication with the central surveillance desk, which is exclusively designated for PVPPs. We fine-tune how individual technologies cooperate using data outputs from our monitoring centre and we optimize the monitoring system as such, defect and deviation notifications, and alerts. We communicate with security agencies for you and represent you for the purposes of communication with technology suppliers and their service teams/departments. We provide you with monthly reports regarding operation of your power plant, which include all the important data about activities performed and to be performed on your power plant, and events that occurred.

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