We integrate innovative energy solutions into everyday life. Traditionally, we have focused on investing in modern energy solutions. We are among the main pioneers in the development of renewable energy sources.

Energy has undergone a fundamental evolutionary change

The drive to achieve carbon neutrality is changing consumer behavior that is directly impacting grid dynamics just as conventional energy sources and support services are declining without equivalent alternatives.

Innovation. Decentralization. Self-sufficiency

Innovative approaches to energy define us. We are interested in innovative solutions to production of energy from renewable sources and energy accumulation in storage power plants. Our goal is to participate in building large-capacity energy storage facilities that secure a greater deal of energy self-sufficiency and sustainable development of the sector by serving as decentralized energy producing units.

Complex solutions to photovoltaic power plants

DECCI ensures photovoltaic power plants are efficient on a long-term basis. Our professional care starts to be provided as early as the project design and the photovoltaic component selection stage. These are followed by the construction of the power plant under the DECCI technical team supervision. Subsequently, the power plant is launched and starts to operate. There is a trial period during which power plant operation is optimized and regular management and monitoring systems are set. We expeditiously repair common photovoltaic power plant failures and provide necessary maintenance. We minimize losses caused by the power plant not operating properly. We provide required data outputs as well as do all the administrative work associated with operating a photovoltaic power plant.

We are focused on securing reliable and affordable clean energy.

Today’s challenges in the energy environment

Adjusting conventional energy to the needs of modern times and integrating new technologies and solutions.


Compliance and coordination of the legislative conditions with environmental goals and technology trends.


Suitable financial resources and mechanisms enabling us to achieve carbon neutrality.


Connecting to EU markets with power balancing services, adapting market and dispatch tools to the growing decentralization of flexible resources.

Our services

DECCI ensures photovoltaic power plants operate efficiently on a long-term basis. We design, build, launch as well as maintain and optimize the operation of such power plants. We create storage power plants for energy systems that use renewable sources.


We design, build and launch photovoltaic plants

PVPP Maintenance

We monitor and maintain photovoltaic plants


We create battery storage power plants for energy systems

Our companies and partners

DECCI has traditionally focused on self-sufficiency and decentralization in power engineering. We boast an extensive network of reliable partners and companies that help us to ensure our modern innovative approaches to energy systems are effectively implemented.

We seek to be a leading energy company focusing on renewable energy sources

We see the importance of innovative energy solutions and their integration into everyday life. Having said that, we also put special emphasis on self-sufficiency and decentralization as we consider these to be the key to stability.

Jsme DECCI. Vytváříme infrastrukturu pro neomezenou energii.

DECCI je energetická skupina, která je jedním z průkopníků odvětví obnovitelných zdrojů v České republice.

Od svého počátku vnímáme důležitost inovativních energetických řešení a jejich integraci do našeho každodenního života.

DECCI je energetická společnost se specializací na na velké energetické celky. Jsme jedním z průkopníků odvětví obnovitelných zdrojů v České republice.

Řešení FVE pro firmy

Realizujeme všechny typy instalací na průmyslové, zemědělské objekty, hotely, carporty apod.

Řešení FVE pro domácnosti

Ideální řešení fotovoltaiky na střechách pro domácnosti. Včetně dotace Nová zelená úsporám.