Decci is an energy company.
It is among those companies that have pioneered the use of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic.

The DECCI Group

Innovative energy solutions and the importance of their smart integration into everyday life of individuals, companies and local communities has formed the centrepiece of Decci’s philosophy since the company’s business activities commenced.We believe we have succeeded in completing a number of energy projects because of two things. The first is our conviction that renewable energy sources have their inalienable share in the energy mix while the second one is our passion to implement innovative solutions. Construction and integration of renewable energy sources was an integral part of the first phase of decentralization of the present energy production model.

Energy production decentralization

The company believes the future of the sector is decentralized energy production, the ability to manage flexibility, and consumer awareness with respect to energy production and consumption. The idea is to ensure the decreasing centralized sources are primarily used by industry.Energy production decentralization is a trend that will lead to a greater deal of energy self-sufficiency of individuals. An energy producer and an energy consumer will often be the same person. Decentralized production units – households, corporations or local communities – are energy conscious consumers with specific requirements as to management of flexibility of energy production and consumption.

Technological advancement

The emerging decentralized energy production model and peer-to-peer trading require a technological response that ensures they have the circumstances under which they can exist and work. Decci’s understanding is there are two levels of such a technological transformation.

The first is a hardware solution consisting in building production units using renewable energy sources and battery storage power plants. These will contribute to minimizing fluctuations in the distribution network that arise as a result of inconsistencies between energy supply and demand.

The second level consists in creating a software superstructure – a virtual power plant that makes it possible to manage flexibility of the decentralized energy production and consumption model.

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